PIRATES OF THE LYDIA ANNFend off a Pirate Attack in an Epic Squirt Gun Battle

piratesofthelydiaannq Arrrr You Ready To Do Battle
with the Pirates of the Lydia Ann?

It's a
Shrimp Trawl
Dolphin Watch
Pirate Attack

While on the tour, a roving-band-of-pirates have spotted your boat they are thinking the Mustang to be just another boat-load of tourists ripe for the plundering. Boy, are they going to be wrong.

As the pirate boat comes in for their attack and boarding, the crew and passengers prepare to do battle with this boat load of bilge rats. An epic battle ensues… (A squirt-gun battle that is)… The crew and passengers must fend off the attack of these scurvy dogs to make this a battle of epic proportions.

#1 in crew and educational fun for the whole family

  • 65 ft USCG Certified Passenger Vessel

  • Shady Lower Deck, Sunny Upper Deck

  • Clean Restrooms - Coolers Welcome!

  • Wheelchair Accessible


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